Irish Surfing are always on the look out for potential supports and partners. If you or a like minded company are interested in partnering with Irish Surfing, please do not hestate to reach out to discuss how to collaborate. email:

Partnering with Irish Surfing, Grown Clothing endeavors to promote sustainability and eco-consciousness, providing the team with eco-friendly uniforms made from 100% organic cotton. By utilizing these eco-friendly materials, the aim is to minimize our ecological footprint and raise awareness about the importance of sustainable practices within the surf community.



Kelpman Oceanblends is a range of health food products that integrate the powerful health promoting properties of Seaweed while supporting the sustainable development of open ocean seaweed farming within our wild Atlantic shores.


Tides is an online video surf magazine covering the Island of Ireland’s surf scene and surf culture, promoting the growing community of Irish Surfing from all angles.

Protection for every skin type. Innovation continues at ISDIN, which provides consumers with textures that are adapted to different needs.

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