Irish Surf Team 2019

There are many opportunities for the competitive surfer to develop and compete in our sport, from our domestic event to selection to Irish Teams to compete at elite level at European and World Championships.

Regardless of sport the opportunity to represent your country on the international stage is a great honour. Each year the Irish Surfing Association selects national teams comprising of our top surfers from the island of Ireland to represent us at international surfing competitions. The selection process for teams is outlined annually prior to the start of the contest calendar. 

Selection for the 2020 World Surfing Games will include best two results from three events, including the 2019 Irish Nationals and one or two selection contest to be run on the 29 Feb/ 1st March in Sligo. 



StephenKilfeather2014 National Champion

The team includes the following positions :-


  • Open Surf x 4
  • Women Surf x 2
  • Bodyboard Men x 1
  • Bodyboard Women x 1
  • Longboard x 1
  • Judges x 1
  • Manager x 1
  • Coach x 1