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The Irish Surfing Association is committed to the National Anti- Doping Program, established by the Irish Sports Council over a decade ago to combat doping in sport in Ireland. The National Anti-Doping Programme acts to protect Ireland's sporting integrity against the threat of doping.  The program aims to ensure athletes participate in an environment that promotes the spirit of sport and is drug free. The National Anti Doping Program is compliant with the World Anti Doping Association (WADA) Code.



The Irish Anti Doping Unit regularly tests surfers at our contests and training camps. If you are a ompetitive surfer you must make yourself familiar with the anti-doping rules and procedures. You are solely responsible for any banned substance you use, attempt to use, or is found in your system regardless of how it got there and whether there was an intention to cheat or not. Any surfer can be tested when taking part in an Irish Surfing contest or training camp. For that reason it is essential that you make yourself familiar with the rules and procedures. 


Anti Doping RulesISCAntiDoping
What Happens In A Drug Test
'Check your Medications' World Map
How to check your medications
Prohibited List
Supplements & Nutrition
Results Management
Anti-Doping Rule Violations
Advisory Notes
Therapeutic Use Exemptions
Respiratory & Asthma Medications
Athlete Biological Passport 
Athlete Whereabouts
Registered Testing Pool 


HAVE YOU COMPLETED RealWinner?RealWinner

RealWinner is an online educational programme for athletes and support personnel. Here you will learn the basics of the code through nine short, snappy and fun modules. You don’t have to do the whole program in one go. When you have completed all modules, this will be registered and you will receive a certificate.




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