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Eurosurf 2015 will take place in 12 - 20 September 2015 in Casablanca, Morocco. A decision was taken

by the European Surfing Federation, last November, to reduce the team size in order to improve the quality of the competition, reduce the number of hours in the competition and to lower the cost to teams attending. The Senior and the Masters divisions will be cut from the event and the Bodyboard and Longboard Divisions will be reduced to one. The ESF plans to run a European Masters event as soon as possible.


The Irish Surf Team to attend Eurosurf will be selected on best two of three results from the following events:- • Irish Nationals 2014, The Peak, Bundoran • 26/27 April, Irish National 2015, Bundoran or Easkey • 23/24 May , Irish Surf Team Selection,  TBC The 2014 format for the Nationals was met with general enthusiasm so we will be going with the same format for 2015. The Nationals will only proceed if conditions are looking good for the Peak or Easkey and a number of rerun dates have been written into the calendar to facilitate this. If the Nationals do not take place on the 26/27 April, a team selection event will still go ahead wherever there is contestable surf that weekend. A location for the team selection event on the 16/17 May will be called depending on surf conditions.  In the event of unsuitable conditions (no surf or storm conditions) an alternative selection event may be run on an alternative weekend as required.

The team includes the following positions

Open Surf x 4
Women Surf x 2
Bodyboard Men x 1
Bodyboard Women x 1
Longboard x 1
Judges x 1
Manager x 1
Coach x 1

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