Covid- 19 Level5 Update

As of midnight, on Wednesday 21 October, Ireland was placed on Level 5 of the Plan for Living with Covid-19. We are appealing to the surfing community to respect the restrictions. Take personal responsibility for minimising the spread of Covid-19, to save lives and protect ourselves, our family, the more vulnerable in our communities and frontline workers.

Individual surfing is permitted within your 5km travel area. In keeping with the spirit of the purpose of the restrictions, do not travel beyond 5km to surf. Maintain 2m social distance on land and in the sea. Surf and leave, do not gather in groups or loiter on the shore. Have regard for the local community.

With the arrival of winter, surfers and particularly those who are new to the sport, need to be more cautious as conditions become more extreme. Colder water and air temperatures combined with more powerful swell, wind and currents make winter surfing more challenging.

Leave the “gun-ho” attitude at home and make safety a priority. Do not be pressurised by others to paddle-out in conditions that you are uncomfortable with. Recognise and respect your own ability and experience. Before you go surfing check the forecast and heed weather warnings. An accident or emergency in the water during this time of crisis puts rescue services at risk.

Visitors from abroad- now is not the time for a surf trip to Ireland. The message to prevent the spread of the virus is stay at home.
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