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Covid 19 Update – STAY AT HOME

Irish Surfing is appealing to the surfing community to respect the updated Covid-19measures announced over the weekend. STAY AT HOME to save lives and protect yourself, your family, the more vulnerable in our communities and frontline workers . Let's play our part in minimising the spread of Covid-19.



The only times you can leave your home are:

to travel to or from work if you are providing an essential service. A list of essential retail outlets is available here. A full list of essential workers will be published on Saturday

to shop for food

to collect medical prescriptions and medical supplies and attend medical appointments

to carry out vital services like caring (including family carers)

for brief individual exercise - within 2 kilometres of your house. (You can bring children but must keep 2 metres away from others for social distancing)

for farming


The regulations bring into force restrictions on movement. These include that no-one may leave their home without reasonable excuse.

A reasonable excuse includes the need:

to get basic necessities, including food and medical supplies

to take exercise either alone or with other members of their household

to seek medical assistance

to provide care or assistance to a vulnerable person, or to provide emergency assistance

to donate blood

to travel for the purposes of work or to provide voluntary or charitable services, where it is not reasonably possible for that person to work, or to provide those services, from the place where they are living

to attend a funeral of a family member

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