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Rossnowlagh Junior Championships Results

The Rossnowlagh Junior Championship took place on Saturday with a record entry and high standard of surfing, even the youngest competitors in the U10s Expression Session were ripping. The contest was the final event of the 2019 Irish Junior Tours with 12 National Titles awarded too. Congratulations to Rossnowlagh Surf Club on a superb events and thanks to the event sponsors and local community for their support. 
U18 Boys Surf
1. Callum Condon, Tbay
2. Tiernan McCrea,  RSC
3. Robert Moore, Tbay
4. Louis Devenney ,  RSC
U18 Girls Surf
1. Sarah Moore, Tbay 
2. Helena Paran, West Coast
U18 Boys Longboard
1. Luke Ennis, Tbay 
2. Callum Condon, Tbay
3. Geoff O'Boyle , West Coast
4. Oisin O'Sullivan, Tbay
U18 Girls Longboard
1. Bea Greenberg, RSC
2. Alex Fanning, Tbay
U18 Girls Bodyboard
1. Yasmin Moore, Tbay
2. Akiya Moore, Tbay
3. Evelyn Moore, Tbay
4. Caragh Bolger, Tbay
U18 Boy Bodyboard
1. Neil McCarthy, BBR
2. Thomas M Flynn, Tbay
3. Henry Ferguson, Killiney
4. Rory Power, Tbay
U18 Open
1. Kilan Maher, Tbay
2. Sky Sacolax, Killiney
3. Ben Maher, Tbay
4. James Cloney, West Coast
U16 Girls Surf
1. Bea Greenburg, RSC
2. Jude Lee, Tbay
3. Sarah Paran, West Coast
4. Easkey Moore, Tbay
U16 Boys 
1. Ben Maher, Tbay
2. Kilan Maher, Tbay
3. Jai Widger, Tbay
4. Luke Ennis, Tbay
U14 Boys
1. Lorcan Southcombe, Co Sligo
2. James Cloney, West Coast
3. Tom Murphy, BBR
4. Oisin O'Sullivan, Tbay
U14 Girls 
1. Akiya Moore, Tbay
2. Alex Fanning, Tbay
3. Evelyn Moore, Tbay
4. Yasmin Moore, Tbay
U12 Girls 
1. Daisey Adare,  RSC
2. Miley Murphy, Tbay
3. Maria Butler, Killiney
4. Gracie Elliott, RSC
U12 Boys
1. Joshua Karbus, West Coast SC
2. Conor Moroney , West Coast
3. Jack Murray , Tbay
4. Rory Murphy, Tbay

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