Irish Surf Team On Way To Thurso

Following the revival for the Celtic Cup Challenge in 2017, the Irish Surf Team is on its

way to Thurso this weekend for a re-match. The Celtic Cup Challenge, between Scotland and Ireland was a regular event on the surfing calendar during the 1980s and into the 90s but the event lapsed after it was last held in Thurso, Scotland in 1992 until it was relaunched again in Bundoran in November 2017 where Ireland were victorious on home ground.


Ireland will be particularly determined to retain the Celtic Cup on this occasion, in memory of Brian Britton who passed away earlier this year and who presented the perpetual cup to the event at the end of his presidency of the European Surfing Federation.

The 30 strong Irish Surf team includes junior and senior surfers, male and female in surfing, bodyboard and longboard events. The event officially kicks off on Friday evening with a Competitors meeting. The contest will get underway early Saturday and is scheduled to run all day and into Sunday.

The Scottish Surfing Federation will be hosting a Celtic Cup Ceilidh Dance on Saturday night with band ‘Grouse’ all the way from Glasgow. The event will end on Sunday evening with a Prize Giving Banquet dinner.

Good Luck Irish Surf Team.

Celtic Cup Irish Surfing Team 2018


1 Ciaran Haresnape

2 James Garvey

  1. Kerry Larkin
  2. Shane Lally
  3. David Hartley
  4. Sam Moore


1 Holly Widger

2 Rachel Moore

3 Grace Doyle                   

4 Una Britton


1 Henry Moore

2 Joe Stapleton

3 Tom Breen (U18)         

4 Luke Ennis (U18)