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Lahinch Junior Championships

Lahinch Junior Championships will take place this weekend, starting at 8am on

Saturday morning with U14 Boys. See full Schedule and Heats below.


Saturday 14th April                         

8.00        U14 Boys Round 1 (First heat check in 7.45)

9.00        U18 Boys Round 1

10.00     U18 Girls Selection Semis

10.40     U16 Boys Semis

11.20     U14 Boys Semis

12.00     U18 Boys Semis

12.40     U18 Girls Selection Final

1.00        U16 Boys Final

1.20        U14 Boys Final

1.40        U18 Boys Final

2.00        Bodyboard Round 1

3.00        Longboard Round 2

4.00        Bodyboard Semis

4.40        Longboard Semis

5.20        Bodyboard Final

5.40        Longboard Final

6.00        U18 Girls Final

6.20        U16 Girls Final

6.40        U14 Girls Final

7.00        U12 Girls Final

7.20        U12 Boys Final             

Sunday 15th April            

9.00        U18 Open Rouand 1


Please note the schedule is subject to change. We may change the timetables at any stage during the contest as surf conditions change, where heats are dropped or added, or for other reasons. Competitors are required to be at the contest site during the contest to keep up to date with changes.     

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