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Jason Coniry (waterman) 1972-2018

Jason spent his childhood in Little Island, County Cork. He always loved the sea and everything to do with it. He was a strong swimmer, a qualified lifeguard, a dedicated surfer, paddler and, inevitably, his working life revolved around watersports so that he spent years running Incide Surf Shop in Cork with his good friend Graham initially.

He loved his family and friends and especially Odette and his children Paul, Jasmine and Kai.

He was a committed environmentalist and, entirely off his own bat, frequently organised coastal cleanups to do his bit against the plastic scourge.

As his life revolved around family and his love of the water (and in particular his surfing), he inevitably gravitated to the coast, and in particular West Cork. For the last 18 years or so he lived between, Clonakilty and Long Strand so that, when he was at home, he was never more than a 10 minute drive from his favourite surf spot.

In late 2014 he was diagnosed as suffering from what was potentially a very serious illness. He thought about it and how to defeat it and decided that the best possible way would be to adapt his lifestyle and diet. Conventional medicine did not attract him.

He surfed as enthusiastically after his diagnosis as before, and there is one photograph of him taking on a fairly monstrous wave at his local spot on a day when only the best were doing well. He continued surfing until the months before his death. His condition seemed to improve considerably until late 2017. Even then he believed that he would beat it. This optimism continued for as long as he remained conscious.

Unfortunately, his condition could not be beaten and he passed away on the 28th February 2018.

Following his passing, a miscellaneous bunch of friends have decided that he must be remembered in a way that would have appealed to him. He was very exercised about the destruction of the sea by that plastic scourge. Therefore they decided to organise as large a drive as possible to get every person possible to dedicate one hour to picking up plastic which would, otherwise, end up in a watercourse, a stream, a street or a river ultimately leading to the sea where it would do its destructive worst to sealife. They are not trying to hijack the great work done in recent years in Limerick but are copying them in organising this for the forthcoming Good Friday 30th March 2018 when, hopefully, everyone will have that hour to spare.

Remember, it does not matter whether this is done in your local park, your local stream, your local beach, just do it. Better again, circulate this to everyone in your address book, every sports club you are associated with, and every friend you have.

Jason would approve.
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