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West Coast Longboard Championships

Well done to West Coast Surf Club, Dave Flynn and Dave Collins on a great Longboard contest. Thanks to all those who helped out, judging , time keeping etc, especially Seamie. Shane Gilmore, Brian Miller, Tony Dwyer and Paddle Pillow for the amazing prizes!!

1. Tom Breen tbay
2. Oisin Monaghan WCSC
3. Darragh Flynn WCSC
4. Joe Breen TBay

1. Sophie Pigot WCSC
2. Ione Byrne Sligo
3. Copper Pigot WCSC
4. Lisa OReilly WCSC

1. Luke Underwood WCSC
2. Ben Bennett WCSC
3. Alan Coyne WCSC
4. Dave Flynn WCSC

1. Andrew Kilfeather Sligo
2. Ollie OFlaherty WCSC
3. Wes Hannigan WCSC
4. Mark Kirby WCSC

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