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The 2017 ISA World SUP and Paddleboard Championship will kick off on Friday in Denmark, running from the 1st to 10th September. The following team from Ireland is set to compete- 
Surf SUP Men- Paul Bynre & Jason Smith
Surf SUP Women- Sarah Gannon
Technical Men- Peter Kosinski & Ross McGarry
Technical Women- Sarah Gannon
Distance Men- Ross McGarry & Keith Gorman
Distance Women- Sarah Gannon & Claire McDonald
Sprint Men- Peter Kosinski
Sprint Women- Sarah Gannon
We have a GoFundMe set up to support the team with their Entry Fees, Flights, Accommodation etc-
Supporters at home can follow the live action at
Draft Schedule for the Championships
September 1 - Official Press Briefing, in front of the Copenhagen Opera House, time to be announced 
September 1 - Opening Ceremony 15:00
September 2 - SUP and Paddleboard Distance Races, 9:00-16:30
September 3 - SUP Sprint Races 9:00-12:30
September 3 - Award Ceremony 13:00-14:00
September 4 - Lay day, Cold Hawaii Welcome Ceremony
September 5-10 - SUP Surfing, SUP and Paddleboard Technical Races, and Team Relay Race 
Schedule to be determined according to conditions.
September 10 - Closing Ceremony after the end of competition

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