Rossnowlagh Intercounties

The 53rd Rossnowlagh Intercounties Surf Contest will take place the weekend of the 15th
and 16th October at Rossnowlagh Surf Club.
Contest History:
The Intercounties Surf Contest began in 1967 and is widely viewed as the social
event of the surfing year.
Typically the last event of the Irish Surfing calendar, the actual surfing which takes place
often takes second place to the social and ’craic’ elements.
This year we plan to hold a screening of a surf film in the Sand House Hotel and have
music entertainment on Saturday Night by the ‘Fabulous Franks’.
In keeping with its theme, the contest is a team event – and it is the one contest where
you will find contestants, young and old, pitted against each other to defend their
counties honour.

The Competition:
All you need are three or four members to represent your county and come to
Rossnowlagh for Round One where all competitors will have a chance to compete.
Surf Contest:
Team event as usual, Surf Contest winners take home the coveted Vinny Britton Cup.
Saturday’s opening round will take place in Rossnowlagh and the Finals are due to take
place at the Peak on the Sunday or wherever conditions best suit.
Conor Britton Paddle Battle

Continuing from the fun we had in 2021, we are introducing a permanent team event
alongside the usual team surf contest, the Conor Britton Paddle Battle, along with the
Conor Britton Perpetual Cup for the winning team.
Many of you know that Conor was one of the founders of Rossnowlagh Surf Club and
surfed in the inaugural Intercounties Contest over 50 years ago.
Like always, we’re expecting another amazing poster courtesy of surfing & art legend,
Barry Britton who is at present beavering away preparing it.
Surfers all over Ireland are invited to come and take part.
Special Events:
We will also be unveiling the “Britton Bros Bench” designed by Brendan McGloin as part
of the contest weekend.
Who to watch:
● Surf contest:
Huge competition as usual this year with a very strong Junior Crew expected to
challenge for top honours based on their performance during the Junior circuit.
Waterford and Sligo have been tussling over the past few years and we expect
strong showings again. There’s rumours that Ollie’s Junior Crew with Captain
Ollie himself at the helm will make a charge from Clare and for the first time take
home the trophy to the Banner.
We’ll also have surfers returning from the World Surfing Games such as Gearoid
McDaid and Iarom Madden who’ll be itching to put together a strong team. Not to
mention the strong Female teams of Donegal and Waterford who will keep
everyone on their toes. However the true joy of the Intercounties is the fact that
young, old, experts and improver surfers all get to surf together in this unique
format and make friends for life.
● Paddle battle:
Waterford put on a strong show last year with Tom Breen shining in the paddle
battle. Can they repeat their performance in a team paddle battle event?

Date & Location:
Rossnowlagh Surf Club
15th / 16th October 2022
How to enter
Entry is available on JustGo at the link:

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