Irish Surfing Junior Tour Results 2022

Over the coming weeks, surf clubs will be presenting medals to their junior surfers who compete on the Irish Junior Tour 2022. The last event was cancelled so we didn't get an opportunity to have the final presentation. Congratulations to everybody who competed, the parents, coaches and clubs who supported their junior surfers and all the volunteers who helped host of the events.

Full results-!AjzfuDH8oTD8gnrwuY6VLFEWpMEO?e=Lzdwi
Photo- U14 Girls Champion, Miley Murphy being recognise at school for her success on the 2022 Irish Surfing Junior Tour. 

Irish Surfing Junior Tour 2020

U18 Girls

1. Jude Lee Tbay

2. Alex Fanning Tbay

3. Katie Lodge WCSC

4. Una Griffin CSSC


U18 Boys

1. Jai Widger Tbay

2. Lorcan Southcombe DBBR

3. Ben Maher Tbay

4. Ross Coyne WCSC


U16 Girls

1. Akiya Moore Tbay

2. Gracie Elliott RSC

3. Sadie Shalloo WCSC

4. Evelyn Moore Tbay


U16 Boys

1. Tom Murphy DBBR

2. Oscar Choo DBBR

3. Darragh Gilmartin DBBR

4. Conor Moroney WCSC


U14 Girls

1. Miley Murphy Tbay

2. Maria Butler WCSC

3. Giorgi Herterich Tbay

4. Aoife Bolger Tbay


U14 Boys

1. Joshua Karbus WCSC

2. Rory Murphy DBBR

3. David Fanning Tbay

4. Pauric McSharry DBBR


U18 Girls Longboard

1. Alex Fanning Tbay

2. Evelyn Moore Tbay

3. Aoife Bolger Tbay

4. Heather Breen Tbay


U18 Boys Longboard

1. Ben Maher Tbay

1. Lorcan Southcombe DBBR

3. Oisin O'Sullivan Tbay

4. David Fanning Tbay

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