Eurosurf Junior ‘22 Starts

Eurosurf Junior started yesterday in Santa Cruz, Portugal with the Parade of Nations and Sand Ceremony officially opening the Championships.
Competition starts today with U18 Boys Longboard, Ben Maher will be first up to represent Ireland in Heat 2 at 9.50. The competition will run on two podiums for the first couple of days. Podium 1 will be live webcast, pPodium 2 will have live heats only. Visit for all the action. 
Full Schedule for Ireland today- Best wishes to the team on their first day of competition. 

7:00: Equipment at van
Outdoor mobility 
7:30: Breakfast 
08:00 To Van 
08:15 On Beach Free Surf 

U18 Boys longboard 
Start: 09:30
09:50: Heat 2 Ben 

U18 girls longboard 
10:30: Heat 1 Alex 

U16 Girls 
Start: 11:50 
12:30: Heat 3 Evelyn
13:10: Heat 5 Sadie 
14:30: Heat 9 Akiya 

Longboard Boys Q2 
Start: 3:00pm x2 heats 
Longboard Girls Q2 
Start: 3:45 x 2 heats 

Longboard Boys R1 
Start: 4.30pm x2 heats 

Longboard Girls R2 
Start: 5.10pm x2 heats

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