Eurosurf Junior Day 3

Another hectic day of competition at Eurosurf Junior saw U18 Girls, U16Girls, U18 Boys Longboard and U 16 Boys all compete. 
In U16 Girls Evelyn Moore bowed out of the competition in 3 rd place in her heat, Akiya Moore progresssed in 2nd place and Sadie Shalloo got lucky when another competitor did not show giving her a by into the next round. In Rep 2 Akiya took 2nd to move into R3 while Sadie took 3rd bowing out of the contest. 
In U16 Boys Oscar Choo progressed to Rep 3 but unfortunately we lost Darragh Gilmartin 3rd andTom Murphy 4th. 
In U18 Girls Jude Lee progressed to Rep 2 as Katie Lodge and Alex Fanning bowed out finishing 3rd in their respective heats.
Alex remains in the U18 Girls Longboard main round having reach the top six. Ben Maher won his U18 Longboard R1 but unfortunately was eliminated in a tight heat in R2..
Tomorrow sees another full day at the beach. Kicking off with U18 Boys. 

Irish Junior Surf Team Schedule Day 4
P1 Lorcan H1 Rep 2 u18 B

P1 Ben H4 Rep 2 u18 B

P1 Jai H5 Rep 2 u18 B

P1 Jude H4 Rep 2 u18 G 

P1 Oscar H1 Rep 3 u16 B

P1 Akiya H2 Rep 3 u16 G

Progression dependent: 
15:30 start U 18 B Rep 3  x3 heats 
16:30 start U18 G Rep 3 x2 heats

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